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Reginaldo Almeida

2nd Degree Black Belt

Reginaldo Gurgle de Almeida was born on November 5, 1971 in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. He started training Karate at age 10, influenced by the famous Kung Fu movies of the 70’s and 80’s, but his martial arts training at the time was short lived. Because he was very tall as a child, he was motivated by friends and family to learn basketball. Reginaldo became a very successful basketball player winning successive scholarships through high school and university.

After university, Reginaldo also played basketball in Brazil’s professional league. In 2000, Reginaldo retired from his basketball career and was just into weight lifting to keep fit. At his local gym he met several fellow weight lifters who also practiced Jiu Jitsu. These friends used to invite him to come to their BJJ academy, SAS (Nova União – Fortaleza at the time). After many invitations, Reginaldo finally decided to take them up on their offer. At his first class the coach paired Reginaldo up with a yellow belt in the sparring session. Reginaldo felt that he had been underestimated but it was himself who was underestimating the yellow belt. The outcome of that roll was Reginaldo being tapped 5 times in a 5 minutes. This beating motivated Reginaldo to come back and learn the gentle art and to also dedicate his life teaching it to others.

Professor’s other achievements include:

  • International Referee for IBJJF
  • World Masters Seniors – Second Place – 2012- (IBJJF)
  • Fall Open First Place – IBJJF 2012
  • World Champion 2007- Senior (CBJJO)
  • Chicago Open First Place – IBJJF 2011
  • Boston Open First Place – IBJJF 2011
  • Brazilian Championship – Second Place – 2008 Senior (CBJJ)
  • World Championship Masters and Seniors – Third Place – 2008 (CBJJ)
  • Pan American Champion 2008 (CBJJE)
  • Brazilian Champion 2007 (CBJJO)
  • Three Times Northeast Champion


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